Second Batch result released


Your Ref No: 732/01/6821 General public announcement  The 2nd Batch of the raffle rollover free-ticket online sweepstake 2014, been released.  5 ticket emerged winners in the final roll over consequently your e-mail attached to one of the 5 winning ticket. Series No: 6-11-22-24-33- 41. The sum of €9,500, 000.00 was won among the 5 ticket holders and shared equally. You have approved the sum of One Million nine Hundred thousand Euros (€1,900,000.00). A certified cheque of your winnings is ready for you to claim within the next 28 days…  Kindly re-confirm the followings to assist us authenticate your claim Full Name: Ticket No: Address: Contact # (Phone): If you require additional information contact the help desk on….. Phone: +44 208 9355 685 Fax Direct No: Fax: +442080430503 24 help Line: +44 -743 -8056- 143 or    011447438056143 Email:   CONTACT PERSON: MR. Vann Bazin Congratulations from our members of staffs. Sincerely yours,                     Ms. Jessica Johnson Secretary European SOI                                                                             

முரட்டு கதைகள்:  కొంత సేపటికి నా తల సుందరి తొడలమధ్యకు చేర్చాను Telugu


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