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FUCKed on Honeymoon Night!!

I really enjoy the stories on 365 Indian so decided to share my best sex experience of my life. This incidence happened in December of last year. Before I start, let me tell you about myself, I am 26 yr., 5’10″ft tall, 70kg, wheatish complex and good looking and 7.5″ long dick with 2″ thickness. I work out regularly and am very athletic.

Once I happened to go a Hill Station, in North India somewhere in February last year for attending a friend’s marriage. Since the friends place was already overloaded with guests, I decided to stay in a ecofriendly type of ** hotel and feel close to the nature. The hotel was basically made of logs/planks of wood and no bricks. I checked in a room with one more adjacent to me. I got undressed into my Night suit and started watching TV with dim light on. Suddenly, I realized that some couple had checked in the next room and could here some giggling noise. They sounded bit romantic too. CURIOSITY KILLS THE CAT. I checked through the slits in the partition that a young girl of about 23, 5’7″ seemed very sexy hot. She, yes, had golden brown hair, 34D, 26, 34. She was exchanging hot passionate kisses with her husband and I can tell you this girl was very hot and sexy and at the same time looked very shy. I got an instant erection looking at her figure. She was only in black bikini at that time.

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They soon both undid their clothes and were completely naked. Her husband seemed to have small 5″ big dick. But, my God, this female had very sexy looking figure. She looked like she is meant only for screwing in life. I just could not move my eyes from her sexy boobs and bulging ass. Meanwhile I had started massaging my erected dick. This Hotel was not only ecofriendly but also fucking friendly!

They were sucking each other for quite sometime than suddenly a phone rang. He answered and soon dressed up saying to his wife that he will be back in 15 minutes. At this he asked her to wait and they shall start all over again. He switched off the light and left the room. Suddenly, I also realized that the room was unlocked. Looking at plight of the woman and my aroused dick, I gathered my sex filled Courage, got undressed and quietly entered in her room through the common verandah. If I had to do anything than it had to be in 15 minutes!!! No licking and sucking business, only pure Fuck!

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The room was stark dark, with only faint light coming from outside. I could see her figure clearly with her nipples poking out of it. God she has the best pair of tits I have ever seen!!. They were round and firm and had big pink nipples, which were standing erect of desire. She was looking very sexy. Her eyes were closed and lying sideways with her sexy looking ass facing me. She was looking very hot as I found her index finger was inside her cunt. She was moaning lightly. I joined from back and instantly touched and started pressing her mammy from back. Without looking at me, she said ‘thank god, you’ve come soon. Now start fucking me fast and don’t waste time. Put that big hard cock into my pussy and fuck me hard.’ I just answered Hmmm so as not to create any doubts. My cock was very hard now and was craving for her pussy. I said to myself I want to fuck u hard bitch. I was already undressed, I lifted her ass which was sideways into Doggie position. This was the best position to fuck without letting her know who is doing it from behind. Her asscheek facing towards me and her head completely buried inside the pillow. The sight of her tight round ass pointing toward me made me feel like fucking her in her ass. Beggars have no choice, So I wanted to feel her pussy first. I entered slowly my hot 7.5″ dick inside her very molten hot cunt. It was really very very tight but I still managed to insert it inside her pussy. Initially she screamed & resisted but eventually she gave in. Seemed to me like she was a virgin. Any ways, She now started moaning. She said “I thought you had a small dick, but looks like it grows bigger at the time of fuck.” I started giving her gentle strokes. Than I slid my hands on to her boobs from back. I held them and pressed them so hard that she almost screamed. I started squeezing and massaging them. Now she got so hot. She was moaning…yes baby squeeze my tits, play with them baby…squeeze my nipples…squeeze them hard…I love being played. I started massaging them and pressing them wildly and I can tell she was thoroughly enjoying it. She responded by throwing herself back. ‘oh baby u r making me crazy.’ she said. She was pressing her head downwards in pillow and her hips were moving rhythmically. I knew she was cumming. She released a load of juices which I enjoyed a lot.

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She deserved a Second Round, and I kept on banging her butt without any intervals. She said..Fuck me hard baby..I need some good hard fuck..bang me hard. Her words got me crazy and I started fuckin her very hard and fast. I was feeling in heaven. She was moaning loud now..Oh yeah..Oh yeah baby..Fuck me hard…I feel so good…keep fucking me..Fuck me like a bitch. Oh god I feel so good. ..Spank my ass… Fuck me good. Her words were driving me crazy. I was fucking her so hard now. I started spanking her ass and pulling her hair and this bitch was really enjoying it. Her ass buts had become glowing red. I felt like fucking her forever. She was getting very loud…oh god I was going to cum…in the meanwhile she said …oh yeah..keep fucking me don’t stop. I was also reaching my climax. She said …cum in my pussy…shoot your load in my pussy darling….please I want to feel you wet cum inside me. We both were so hot and sweating. She was cumming. Her pussy muscles were gripping hard on my cock. My cock was pulsating now. I shot my big load of cum inside her. I was silent all this time.

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Round Three for her – My hard dick still was very hot and hard and not at all ready to cool down as it craving for her ass too. I removed my dick from her pussy and started inserting in her ass. Surprisingly it was again virgin. At this she said please don’t do that, you’ve promised me for that, right!. All this while I didn’t utter a word. But, I didn’t want to miss this golden opportunity. She all the while kept saying no, and I kept on inserting slowly my 7.5″ inside her ass without uttering a word. After inserting initial 2″ of my dick, I wildly inserted rest of my dick with a bang. With this now she had lost her Ass virginity!! She shreiked and tried to move out. Hence, I firstly held her tight with my left arm around her stomach and other on her mouth to keep quiet. She was totally under my control. Without moving my hand positions, I started banging from back like a wild horse. She than asked to wait & give her time for adjustments. Nothing doing, I had only 15 minutes in all for this. No adjustments,

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just fuck the bitch hard and fast. I started moving my lund from her ass in and out, pushing more in & within 5 to 7 strokes she took my entire length 7.5″ and 2″ thick lund in her asshole and she was going crazy she said I love it fuck me like a horse. I started fucking her so good, my balls were hitting her cunt so she opened her cunt lips wide open and my balls were touching her clitoris within 10 minutes she came in both holes her orgasm was much longer and tensed then all before she had. She held my cock in her ass for more than 2 minutes and caressing my balls.

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Round Four for her again – After her orgasm I resumed fucking her again and in 5 minutes I cummed and sprayed it all in her ass, with that I squirted 8 times hot guie jism in her asshole and filled up her ass completely, my orgasm was far better than I had fucked her in her cunt.

Finally we both got exhausted and I collapsed on top of her from back, and she laid on her stomach with her head still buried inside the pillow. She was in heaven and in the meanwhile I immediately pulled out my limp cock out of her ass and went (ran) out of the room and back to my room. Gosh I had taken 25 minutes for all this and luckily not caught for this. Still I was watching from the slit for the later reaction.

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She got up, limpingly walked and stood outside bathroom asking ‘Honey are you done?’ thinking that (I) her husband was in the bathroom. I started enjoying the climax moment. Just as she was standing naked at the door, here came in her husband from the main door and apologized for being late on their Honeymoon night!! “But you look so tired and sweaty. What happened? Your ass butts seems to badly beaten by someone.” She nervously looking at him said “Than who was fucking me all the time from back for the last 25 minutes!!! I have lost all my virginity of both my pussy and ass to someone tonight because my shyness to look at you during our first ever fuck. How could you leave me in the room alone on a honeymoon night for a lousy India – Bangladesh cricket match.” – WOW!! I had fucked a married girl who was going to have first fuck of her life on their Honeymoon night. Luck had really favored me for this particular sex filled event.

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Unfortunately, For the girl, it will be a mystery throughout her life that who had fucked her first wildly on her honeymoon night from back.

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