james jay lee| james lee|James J Lee Takes Discovery Channel Building Hostage, Babies Being Evacuated, Manifesto Found

James J Lee Takes Discovery Channel Building Hostage, Babies Being Evacuated, Manifesto Found

Sep 1 (THAINDIAN NEWS) The Montgomery Count Police were called to the scene of the Discovery Channel Building in Silver Springs, Maryland, eight miles from Washington, DC, at a report of “shots fired”. Very quickly these police officers realized the situation was far more serious, as it was confirmed that an Asian looking man with a gun had walked into the lobby of the building, wearing what appears to be a bomb, and stated, “Nobody is going anywhere.”

Employees from inside the building, locked in a closet, are texting information to news agencies as the situation continues. Many of these witnesses do not wish to be identified for their own safety. Witnesses say that they saw “people” laying on the floor of the lobby where the hostage-taker is located.

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A daycare center in the building is currently being evacuated, and the children are being taken to a nearby apartment until the parent can arrive to take them home. “FOX” news channel showed footage of cribs being quickly wheeled away from the Discovery Channel Building with sleeping babies still in the cribs.

The police have confirmed that they do have a suspect in the building with whom they are now speaking. Negotiations are currently being held by the Montgomery County Police, who say that the suspect wishes to speak with the executives of ‘The Discovery Channel’. They have also found a manifesto which could explain the motives of the suspect(s). This is unconfirmed as of yet, but can be seen here //savetheplanetprotest.com/.

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In the manifesto, the words, “Focus must be given on how people can live WITHOUT giving birth to more filthy human children since those new additions continue pollution and are pollution.” If this is truly the demands of the man which currently holds this building hostage then getting these babies out is even more urgent.

According to FOX news the man, James J Lee suspected to be the perpetrator. He is known to the employees at the building, and they have had trouble from him before, when he launched a “Save The Planet” protest and made demands of the Network at that time.This is possibly the Myspace site of the suspect, but that is so far not confirmed.

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