New Set of Knowledge

Hi all,

I’ll be publishing a new set of knowledge acquired recently into the vault, hopefully by end of this week. Well, it’s the completed efforts from a failed collaboration but well, I guess it’s worth of sharing than putting them into ice.

Basically, it’s about 3D architectural technical drawing using an open-sourced software. To all who waited for the Micro-controller knowledge programming set, I’m sorry I can’t commit by end of Q4 2012 mainly due to efforts being spent on the collaboration, which is to acquire this piece of knowledge. For now, the exploration efforts were driven to expand my mechanical field. =(

Nevertheless, after this 3D open-source software, I will continue the programming guide efforts. Let’s make it a good release in Q1 2013 for programming field. =)

முரட்டு கதைகள்:  வேகமாடா சீக்கிரம் அடி

Best wishes,

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