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I never thought I would spent time to write my experiences or would I say my escapades in the real life. After reading all the stories here which I found very erotic except the ones which is about incest is rather sick( my two cents opinion anyway).
Anyway here goes.I’m male in my late 20s and I am from Malaysia which is the best place on earth for everything and anything in life. I met this lady ms x one fine day while in the net . There in of more famous chatrooms we chatted about everything and anything .she too was in the mid 30s and was working as a health care professional in one of the cities up north.anyway after chatting in the net and over the phone like for 2 months or so we decided to meet up in a pub in Kuala Lumpur.I was rather apprehensive how a net date would turn out so did not really sort of build up my excitement over the date.

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I walked into the pub picked quiet corner and sat ordered my drink. Then she walked wow I nearly flipped. She was real gorgeous with long shoulder length hair with well built body which was just perfect . She came in real tight jeans and long loose shirt which showed her ample rear assets but not much of her front ‘cos of her loose out fit.

We had couple a “long island tea” (which is real potent stuff) ….which set the mood right for night. We chatted for while and then decided to adjourn to my condo to have late night supper and watch vcds. We had couple more vodkas and the mood got a bit more relaxed and light headed . the topic changed from politics and slowly onto sex…..preferences the like….she became quite comfortable and I was started to have this raging hard on ….trying very hard to keep it down. We sat up close on the couch and she said wanted to c some raunchy movie ,to which willingly obliged . I had some Japanese stuff which I preferred they have better build up then slam bang western types.

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Anyway could c she was rather engrossed with the movie and kept shifting ..her legs and body…I came up close to her and started to slowly …run my fingers around her ears and breathing down heavily on her ears. She started to slowly gasp and while she held my thighs….I kept up fingering in her earlobes then slowly…ran my other hand into her neck…just running the index finger along her necklines…….she tilted her head looked me straight into my eyes..and we kissed passionately…with tongues in wild hunt each in others mouth . my hands started to caress her tits thru her silky shirt no wonder she hid her assets they were really.. large n it was handful for my palms….she started to caress my crotch and kept tugging on my belt…slipped my pants off…and slowly unbuttoned her blouse and godd the first glimpse of those lovely jugs had me in taking long hard breath.they were bulging thru lacy black bra…started to caress them thru then slowly slipped my finger onto her nipple while kissing her deep. The touch on her tits made give low moan she whispered asking to suck them them hard….unhooked her bra and took one tits in my mouth while I fingered ….she started to moan loudly…….sucked hard nibbling and squeezing and she was in a frenzy……..I ran my single lone finger to her navel and then on to her pants ..squeezing her legs …and then rubbing her crotch thru her tight jeans……being a tit man thru and thru made quick dash to the fridge and brought out my fav ice cream rum and raisins…smeared it all over her tits ..slowly brought my hot tongue licking it out…she went ballistic …I was in seventh heaven …….(part 2 tomorrow guys and girls)

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