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Sizzling Indian Actress Trisha – The bathroom Click hot videos controversy

Neither Trisha nor her ardent fans could forget the great bathroom Videos controversy which brought her the worst days of her life. Scroll Down to read more about the actual fact behind that interesting past – And, there are some pics for your viewing pleasure. Scaled/Resized pics get enlarged by single click on them.

“I also watched the way the girl in the video throws out the clothes after removing them. Trisha does not do this. She always hangs them in the hanger. This ‘mannerism’ is not Trisha’s. On the whole, the body movements of the girl in the video, i.e, ‘body language’ does not match that of my daughter.” said Trisha’s mom Uma Krishnan with extreme confidence, when she was asked about the controversy few years ago. Go through this hub, if you really care to know what is the actual fact behind the million dollar questions surrounding Trisha Krishnan.
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Trisha in Chinese Videos

TRISHA – After a long time, the news is again in air about the video that was popularized long back as Trisha’s bathroom video.

That created a big uproar and the actress was also silent on that aspect. If Trisha has to comment on that she has to ask for that video to watch. But she cannot do that. So she kept silent. It was also not morphed as assumed by many.

It’s discovered that as completely different video and for the first time, caught the attention of a Tamilian who was in China. A research was done on that and finally it was concluded as a Chinese voyeuristic video, shot on a porn actress of China but not Trisha.

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It’s quite coincidental that she took the features of Trisha only to some extent. The tamailian who watched it forwarded that as it resembles the popular South Indian Actress. The news thus started spreading wild.

It was a video shot intentionally with the knowledge of that Chinese actress, just giving an impression that it is a voyeuristic one. A group of Foreign Language experts decoded the language that was heard in the video as Chinese with Shanghaian slang.

So, mystery surrounding that video, had at last come to an end.

Trisha bathroom video | Trisha sex video | Trisha sex Photo

Trisha sexy video

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One of the much talked about things about Trisha in 2008 is her controversial Trisha bathroom video shot without her knowledge. Sexy celebrities like Trisha have to handle these challenges and troublesome incidents often in their career. Blue film scandals, bathroom videos, intimate scenes caught on tape, actress gone wild are some of the ways press and other people want to take advantage of. It is how actresses like sexy Trisha handles them defines how successful they are in their career in addition to their talent and contribution.

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