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She would even engage washer man or milkman for sex. It was getting out of hand for me. I took her to psychiatrist who advised a long holiday for her. Doctor was surprised by her enthusiasm. She should be kept away from her regular place. We took a vacation and went to Mumbai to cool ourselves. After few days of sightseeing at Mumbai we took a boat to Elephanta Caves from Gateway of India. It was an hour-long boat ride, with about fifty people, several couples and some students.

Rajshree was wearing a semi transparent blouse with just a knot at the bottom- no buttons, and a skirt. As she had been shunning undergarments for quite some time, her tits were a little visible from under her blouse. She was looking a stunner in her dress. We were sitting on one side of the boat and enjoying the scenery when an English man came towards Rajshree and commented- “Hey lady, you look gorgeous!” She smiled and her smile encouraged the fellow. He added, “I am sure you like to fuck a lot!”

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Before I could stop her from saying anything, she blurted. Her smile broadened “Of course!” She said “Are you interested?” “Who would not be?” He quipped, “But there is no cabin on this boat”. Rajshree replied, “Who needs a cabin” she laughed “I don’t mind fucking right here! By the way this is my husband…” she introduced me and at the same time extended her hand to reach his fly. He seemed a little too shocked to respond, and by the time he could react, her hand was well within his zip groping for the prize. Within a few seconds his pink cock with blue veins and the small balls were hanging out side his pants.

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She moved forward and began licking and kissing it and lovingly watched as it grew harder and bigger. The activity wasn’t going unnoticed, about half of the boat had stopped enjoying the scenery outside and was curiously watching this free porno show. After sucking for about a couple of minutes she stood up to kiss hug him and kiss on his lips. He cupped her breast with one hand and slipped his second hand down to her thighs and slowly moved it up inside the skirt and suddenly exclaimed aloud “Wow! You have no underpants even!”

She once again laughed, “Yes, I don’t like men to waste precious time removing my clothing!” He was now kneading her round beautiful buttocks. I could not control my anger but was helpless. I could see all her actions as I was sitting next to her but this could not be seen by others as her back was towards the sea. Suddenly a Negro came near us and said to her, “Hey lady! You know I can sue you for being a racist!” She once again laughed and said, “No you can’t!” With this she again sat down on the bench pulled the black guy near her, unzipped his fly and pushed her hand inside.

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Her smile broadened as she began unbuttoning his pants saying, “It is too big tool to come out of the fly. I will have to remove the pants altogether!” Then she pulled his pant and the underwear to reveal a huge black cock dangling. We all let out a sigh at the huge size. It was definitely her first black cock. She rubbed it on her beautiful fair cheeks, which looked even more beautiful in contrast to the black cock, and then slowly started taking the whole length inside her mouth. The white man sat beside her and untied the knot of her blouse to free the beautiful round boobs and the pink nipples.

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He began kissing the boob near him biting the nipple from time to time and moved one hand from behind her to hold the other breast. Several young students had gathered round us to have closer look at the activities. She realized that the show was not getting viewed from all sides and taking the cock out of her mouth, said, “Why don’t we move to the middle of the boat where they all can have a better view!”

They all got up, a black and a white man with their cocks fully erect and dangling and a beautiful young Indian woman with her boobs dangling! They moved to a center bench. The women on board were flabbergasted by the view; they made their children see other way. Even men accompanied by women were watching her.

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She sat down and holding the two cocks in her two hands placed them against her naked breasts, rubbing her nipples. Now almost everyone on the boat was watching the show. The two men asked her to get up and strip completely and in a couple of seconds her skirt was also down and her shaved pussy was now the center of attraction.

She said, “It is unfair. You two should also strip!” As they began removing their clothes and she stood on that crowded boat fully naked, a student asked her, “Is it available to foreigners only?” And she giggled once again, “Pointing at her pussy” she said, “It is available to anyone who has a hard cock and is willing to take it out!” And with this she waved him to come closer and hold her breasts.

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He quickly came, cupped both her breasts, and then moved his hands down to feel rest of her body and down to the pussy. She spread her legs a little to let him reach her slit, which he instantly did. By this time, the two men were ready. The three sat down on the bench with my wife in the middle. They began playing with her breasts and kissing her and she caught their cocks and began stroking slowly. I had come to Mumbai on a vacation to stay away from her escapades and here again Rajshree has started sex.

One of the spectators was trying to take a picture from a little distance, hiding behind others. She raised her legs and placed one on the thigh of the black man and the other on the white man, thereby spreading her pussy wide for a deeper view of her pink and welcomed the photographer to take clearer pictures. One of the students was quite bold, “He came forward, sat in front of her and began licking her pussy.”

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This was a fantastic view; imagine this, my wife fully naked, sitting between two men (a white man and a black man) holding their hard cocks with the two kneading her breasts and her legs spread wide over the legs of the black and the white man and a young student licking her cunt. And the show was being witnessed by a boat full with about fifty men and women.

She was certainly having orgasm after orgasm as was evident from her moaning and wringing of the body, but no one seemed to want this to stop. A young student stood behind the bench took out his cock, pushed forward near her neck, and turned her face to offer it for sucking. And this was probably the only thing missing so far.

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She began wildly sucking the cock turning her face to the side. But it had become too much for her, she could no longer wait. She took the cock out of her mouth and shouted, “Hey, please now push the real thing inside!” The black one sprang up and pushing her down to lie on the bench, spread her legs and began pushing his huge cock into her pussy.

The English man got up to her face to let her mouth do the job while the two Indians squeezed her tits standing on the two sides. The black one then hinted the white one to take the pussy and moved forward to enter the mouth but before the white man could enter her pussy, an Indian rushed and thrust his cock into her. He was really horny.

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She saw the disappointment in the English man’s eyes, caught his cock, and began rubbing on her breast. He was probably already quite stimulated and took no time in releasing his cum on her breast. It was huge load and came with such great force that it drenched the hand of the other man who was kneading her other breast.

He was shocked and looked at him in disbelief. Rajshree had to intervene again. She took the black cock out of her mouth and pulled the cum drenched cock to her mouth and began cleaning it with her tongue. Rest of the cum was spread over her chest and boobs.

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Black man now pushed the Indian fucking her and pushed his cock inside her pussy and gave a few hard strokes but then pulled out and spreading her ass with his thumbs, pushed the monster inside her little tight hole. The women on boat let out a scream seeing him inserting his donkey dick in Rajshree’s ass hole. I am sure any one else would have screamed at having such a huge cock entering the ass so brutally.

But my wife had been by now accustomed to having regular asshole fucks and could admit him without any special effort. He had reached a crescendo and suddenly took out the cock and spurted all the cum almost all over her body. Black man’s fucking was so wild that I had missed watching her face and now noticed that she was sucking two Indian cocks simultaneously.

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As the black man had released her holes, she waved one of them to occupy either of the two empty holes and continued sucking the other. Black man moved to her face to offer her the last few drops of cum which she greedily swallowed before returning to suck the Indian cock. The other Indian entered her pussy but since her entire body was sprayed with cum, he was unable to play with the boobs.

He too was about to cum which became evident by his increased pace. Rajshree hastily asked him not to
waste the cum and release himself in her mouth. So he once again went forward and pushed the cock into her mouth and after a couple of strokes placed it on her lips to give everyone a good view of his cum filling her mouth. But a large part of it still got sprayed outside covering her full face.

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The one Indian had still not cum and now there was no place for him. She caught his cock, began stroking on her face, and took that cum too on her face. Now she was almost bathed in cum and the entire crowd on the boat was excited. Someone asked, where would she wash herself? There is no fresh water or towel here. She said, “There is no need!” She wiped her face on my cheek and gave me a lip lock kiss. I could taste the cum in her mouth and cheek. I was aghast by her behavior. She wiped some from her breasts with her hand and began licking.

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